Site Planning
Planning efforts develop long range goals and objectives to provide an integrated and strategic approach to large, complex projects that may evolve over a period of years with multiple designers. Products include defining the mission, program and design guidelines within a generalized development plan.

Interior Landscape Design
Commercial buildings require an atmosphere where occupants and visitors are exposed to a pleasant environment. We provide Interior landscapes to that effect with careful selection of indoor plant compositions or dry landscaping. .

Public Spacing and Park Planning
Here the planning process is directed towards addressing behavior and needs of the user groups. Understanding surrounding site conditions, social environment and user attitudes are core factors influencing the design approach.

We believe Architecture like Landscape should reflect its connection to the ‘Place’ it is built on. In a nutshell, Identity accompanied by comfort and drama. .

Highway and Streetscape Design
Our understanding of Engineering studies, character of the landscape and environmental concerns play an important role in developing an appropriate landscape.

Interior Design
Our aim is to create personalized comfortable living spaces. .

Landscape Master Planning
Planning is undertaken after extensive site surveys and simply walking through the landscape, taking notes and photographs of the site and surrounding development. Technical studies such as topography, soil investigation, drainage patterns are incorporated in the design. A Landscape policy and Management strategy is part of the package. .

Feasibility Studies
Feasibility studies identify the suitability of sites for a particular development program. Alternate conceptual designs are explored; budget planning and cost analysis help identify implementation strategies and phasing. These may be coordinated with market studies or other research to support a decision to proceed.

Landscape Design
The approach here is to understand the Architectural character and user activities and develop an appropriate landscape within the context of the built environment. .

Landscape Construction
We can offer a ‘design and build’ deal for our projects. Here professional advice is coupled with supplying contractual services.

Garden Design
The firm has a vast experience in developing landscapes for private estates and urban residences. Close communication with the client, understanding their requirements and lifestyles result in designs that enhance lifestyles. .

Landscape Supplies
We can provide Landscape products for any project in Pakistan.